The term "WAAC'd" is a household term with archers and bowhunters across the Country.

If you want your bow "WAAC'd" tuned by Dominick, just give him a call!

Get WAAC'd

23 Queen Rd Iselin NJ 08830        732-301-GUNS

"Get WAAC'd" is simply a term Dominick coined with the letters from the business name Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company, then just throw on a "'d" on the end and we have a verb! So, what does getting "WAAC'd" mean?

Once Dominick takes a bow, takes every existing measurement to ensure the bow is exactly the same later, takes the bow apart piece by piece and cleans every part. Once Dom re-assembles the bow with existing parts, or replaces cams, limbs or a new string, and finally super-tunes the bow to where the bow can shoot fixed-blade broadheads. And once Dominick painstakenly places all the care and effort into this bow as if he was taking this bow on his own Illinois whitetail trip...

only then

has the bow been "WAAC'd"! 


Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company