Dominick loves archery and bowhunting... and has the perfect makeup and personality to be an outstanding teacher. Whether you need tips on proper shooting form or need advice on how to shoot a thumb release, he will get you through it. Dominick will make sure you are shooting straight...

Bow Tuning


What does "Get WAAC'd" even mean??

Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company

carries a wide variety of archery and bowhunting-related items. From bows to treestands... Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company has it all. And if we do not have it, we will get it! Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company is also a licensed firearms dealer.

Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company

Get WAAC'd

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Dominick Araco, owner of Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company, offers complete bow set-up and tuning. Dom can set up and tune your bow to shoot perfectly. Guaranteed. Across the Country, Dominick is well known for his bow-tuning knowledge and expertise. No bow shoots better than a WAAC'd bow!