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Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company carries a wide variety of archery and bowhunting-related items. From bows to treestands... Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company has it all. And if we do not have it, we will get it! Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company is also a licensed firearms dealer.


Dominick loves archery and bowhunting... and has the perfect makeup and personality to be an outstanding teacher. Whether you need tips on proper shooting form or need advice on how to shoot a thumb release, he will get you through it. Dominick will make sure you are shooting straight...

Bow Tuning

Dominick Araco, owner of Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company, offers complete bow set-up and tuning. Dom can set up and tune your bow to shoot perfectly. Guaranteed. Across the Country, Dominick is well known for his bow-tuning knowledge and expertise. No bow shoots better than a WAAC'd bow!

Get WAAC'd

"Get WAAC'd" is simply a term Dominick coined with the letters from the business name Woodbridge Arms & Archery Company, then just throw on a "'d" on the end and we have a verb! So, what does getting "WAAC'd" mean? Once Dominick takes a bow, takes every existing measurement to ensure the bow is exactly the same later, takes the bow apart piece by piece and cleans every part. Once Dom re-assembles the bow with existing parts, or replaces cams, limbs or a new string, and finally super-tunes the bow to where the bow can shoot fixed-blade broadheads. And once Dominick painstakenly places all the care and effort into this bow as if he was taking this bow on his own Illinois whitetail trip...

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We carry many more different products... like Easton arrows, Trophy Ridge sights, Whisker Biscuits, arrow rests and stabilizers. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please contact me and I will get it!


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I have 5 Elite bows from here, all are awesome....not only does Elite make the best bow...Dominick knows the Elites inside and out. I have an Energy 35 in 80 plus pounds' half camo half black it is shooting a 475 grain arrow 300 feet per second and shoots the same spot with a broad head and field point alike, out to 60 yards. I additionally have two Elite tours for spot and 3d, just picked up another E-35 in 53#s for field, also just had an old Elite Judge tuned as a back up 3-d bow....it is shooting so well it may be the primary 3-d bow. Also have another E35 in blue on the way. The bottom line is if your done wasting money and not getting what you want.....see Dominick, he gets out a pen and does something that is so rare today...he "listens" to your needs writes them down.... applies his knowledge to your thoughts and gets it done....shoot straight!

Bill Nole

New Jersey

Here's the thing...In this world of rush, rush, rush, and hurry it up, it is refreshing to find a guy like Dominick. You're not just another number the guy is trying to shove through the door after milking you for your dough. Dominick understands that You're not just another number the guy is trying to shove through the door after milking you for your dough. Dominick understands that business is built on relationships, and those relationships are earned through honest work and treating people squarely, and Dominick does both. Any knucklehead can slap a product on your bow and call it good, but this guy is interested in giving the customer exactly what they need. Nothing more and nothing less. Stellar guy and you wont be sorry you did business with him.

Chuck Butkiewicz


A few years ago I was looking for someone to swap out my PCX cams on my Prime Defy with Prime's new PCXL cam. But luck, I came across Dom Araco on ArcheryTalk.com. I PM'd Dom and within a few hours Dom called me to discuss what I wanted to do and explained my options. After a 20 minute conversation, a few things were evident... this guy knew his stuff, and Dom was very personable and eager to help. After the call, I was excited to have made this contact and the potential fix of my Defy, but I also thought... at what cost? After another call with Dom I shipped my bow off to New Jersey! Never had I ever contemplated shipping my bow across the Country to have it worked on. After Dom received my bow, we talked again and we thoroughly discussed what I wanted done to my bow. New PCXL cams, new string set, new Ripcord ACE rest and tuned. Approximately 2 weeks later Dom called me and told me my bow was on its way. When I received my bow I immediately went home and shot. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive as to how a guy in NJ was going to super-tune my bow without me there! So, I shot a few dozen arrows and I was in disbelief as to how well the bow fit me and how it shot darts! This guy was for real! In the end, the little money it cost me to ship the bow and wait a few weeks was a no brainer. The best move I ever made was sending my bow to Dom to have it WAAC'd!

Peter Parker


I was in a jam and googled a archery shop close bye. Stopped in and met the owner. He fixed my bow on the spot and was a real knowledgeable guy.. Got to hang out and talk for a few minutes and shared some hunting stories and pictures.. Got to shake his hand which on this world of BIG BUSINESS that is a rare thing... Nice to know places like this still exist. One thing for sure.... He's not in this for the business..... this is his passion.

Macro Santoro

New Jersey

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Dominick Araco


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I purchase a bow from your shop, does my bow get WAAC'd tuned for free?

Absolutely, any bow that we sell leaves my shop WAAC'd

I am coming to your store but cannot be there during your open hours. Can I make an appointment with you?

The short answer is yes if my schedule allow it! The big thing is to call and schedule ahead of time.

Can you order an archery or bow hunting item that you do not stock?

Absolutely, I can usually have a custom order within a few days to a week.

I am planning to ship my bow to you to have it WAAC'd, how much will shipping cost?

Depending where you are in the Country, shipping both ways will total between $25 to $45.


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